UX/UI Designer

Fundraising Platform

Victory Passport is a custom-built fundraising platform for political candidates. I worked on all aspects of the user experience as well as UI refinements to the desktop, tablet, and mobile experience. In addition to the view showcased in these examples, I also re-structured the admin and back-end/CMS user interfaces which are not accessible to the public.

Prosperity Pac*


Ted Cruz*

FUND 796 - Custom Field - Multi-Step Donation Form (User UI).png
FUND 796 - Custom Field - Single Page Donation Form (User UI).png
FUND 797 - Weekly Recurring Donation (User UI)_v2.png
FUND 709_v2.JPG
FUND 767 - Mystique Admin View (Admin UI).jpg
FUND 626_VP 3.0 - Condense Legal Disclaimer & Contest Rules.png
FUND: Universal Search - Recurring Donations (Admin).png
FUND 796 - Custom Field (Admin UI).png
FUND 767 - Mystique Admin View (Admin UI).png
FUND 767 - Mystique Client View (Admin UI).png