UX/UI Designer


Women of color and minorities are underrepresented in STEM industries due to lack of resources available to teach them the hard and soft skills necessary to reach their potential. Ladies seek access to concise, actionable career advice from trustworthy, industry sources in order to tackle career issues and navigate their way into the tech community.

Ldylssns provides digestible, curated career lessons in an app for busy young females can use to learn about Skillsets (stacks), Strength (Interview prep) or Strategy (Resume, Portfolio, etc). After completing each lesson, she unlocking cheatsheets and celebrates her achievement through the ldylssns community. Content is generated by well known and established women in tech community and their male allies. 

Lddylssns is a conceptual product designed during the Women In Tech Hackathon hosted by BlackGirlsCode and CapitalOne in Washington, DC in 2016.