UX/UI Designer
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Without a central hub for operations information, fans and the media resort to bloggers and non-league sports news sources to learn about what goes into making the call, changing the rules, and the history of the game.

Design a website for NFL operations policies and procedures, guaranteeing competitive equity across the NFL, enhances the game experience, and protects the integrity of the game. Communicate with clarity, consistency, and credibility information about NFL processes—how they originated, why they are in place, and what Football Operations does to uphold them.

The NFL wanted to create their own space for operations-related information. This site does that and more. Building upon NFL’s credibility, this site houses pertinent information as well as provides context around what went into shaping America’s favorite sport. As the league, the game, and the rules continue to change, so will this site.

Plus, I now know more about football than I ever expected to.