UX/UI Designer
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Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Targeted Victory's Get Out The Vote* experienced a complete top to bottom overhaul prior to the election this year. Targeted GOTV was rebuilt as a completely customizable voter registration, polling location finder, early and absentee vote registration and information tool that enhances Targeted Victory's clients efforts to increase awareness and help get users to the polls on election day. 

I worked to re-engineer, architect, and document requirements for the redesigned platform, which included extensive research int Facebook and Google's election APIs, designing the UX, UI, and interactions for the CMS. Finally, I completely redesigned the end user's experience, removing superfluous steps, fields and requirements to reduce user fatigue and get voters to the polls. The new look and feel of GOTV, while customizable via the CMS, also lends to consistency in experience, regardless of the client, minimizing the chance of error or design flaws when applying custom branding. 

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GOTV Landing Page.png
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